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With many women celebrating their curves rather than trying to diet or hide their bodies away, now is the perfect time to find figure-enhancing clothing that flatters voluptuous body types.

Forget shapeless oversized T-shirts and baggy jogging bottoms – these may hide some imperfections but also make larger women look shapeless. The key to flaunting killer curves is to accent body shape with the right wardrobe.

Loosen Up

Clothes that fit too tightly do not flatter. Pick trouser sizes that fit and fasten well, ensuring that they reach heels. Dark trousers that flare a little at the bottom with similarly colored shoes or boots and a couple of inches of heel make the legs look long and shapely.

Ensure that skirts and dresses fit comfortably over the hips and bottom to prevent them from riding up and accentuating any bulges. Well-fitting clothes actually make the body look slimmer so choose the correct size.

Invest In Shape Enhancing Underwear

Many of the more curvaceous celebrities appreciate the value of underwear that contains supportive panels. To smooth bumps and tummy rolls, wear shapewear that holds in problem areas. With a selection of underwear items to smooth bottoms, tummies or even full body suits, shape wear will discreetly support and hide to make outer clothing sit beautifully.

Flaunt Those Curves

Choosing clothing tailored at the waist will enhance hourglass shapes. Apple-shaped bodies benefit from fitted clothes with empire waists. Hip-hugging clothes flatter pear shapes and draw attention to the neck and shoulders.

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