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Since the actress Emma Watson appeared on the big screen at the age of nine, playing Hermione Granger in the first Harry Potter movie, she has blossomed from a slightly geeky-looking kid into the elegant and stylish young lady she is today. She is nowadays as much admired for her sense of fashion as her acting skills and many teenage girls and young women would, understandably, love to look like Emma Watson.

Emma knows when it’s appropriate to dress down and when to dress up and always looks stylish, without appearing either too young or too old for her age. Her favorite daytime, casual look is to go for a preppy uniform of skinny jeans paired with ballet pumps, whilst on top she likes to wear vintage blazers or retro trench coats. She often goes for monochrome or pastels and never overdoes the makeup, always managing to achieve a natural look. Emma keeps her daytime bling to a minimum, maybe wearing a few simple bangles. Her hair is always clean and shiny and, when she wore it long, it was more often than not swept back into a ponytail.

For red carpet affairs, Emma really knows how to glam it up! Her look is usually effortlessly feminine but sometimes vampish. She still loves her monochrome palette but sometimes surprises us with a splash of jewel-like color. Emma’s new pixie-style cropped hair really accentuates her elfin face and she has learnt to apply just the right amount of makeup, without overdoing it. She picks just the perfect accessories, such as clutch purses and shoes that set off her outfits and her jewelry is always understated.

The magic of Emma Watson’s look? She always dresses her age, has learnt what suits her and, no matter what she’s wearing, always appears effortlessly well-groomed.

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