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Miley Cyrus captured the hearts of people all over the world for her role as Hannah Montana.  Now the international pop star is a style icon for millions of young ladies world-wide.  For those who want to emulate the young fashionista’s style, there are a few easy steps to get that Miley look.


  • Casual – Miley loves to team plain bottoms with striking printed tops.  The long tees and skinny jeans create a casual look worthy of a rock star, with the odd cowboy boot thrown in as a nod to her upbringing.
  • Glamorous – The 19 year old star is a huge fan of figure hugging dresses which show off her slender figure for the red carpet.


When it comes to recreating Miley’s hairstyle, ladies have a choice.  For the more daring woman, Miley’s latest and extremely bold cropped cut may seem appealing. 

For the “classic Miley” look; long locks with flirtatious soft waves are a must.  The look can be achieved with wide rollers or even by twisting large sections of hair around the fingers whilst drying it.  For those who are not blessed with long tendrils, hair extensions are widely available and there are some to suit every budget.


  • Daytime look – Miley keeps her look nice and simple when not at an event.  Using a tinted moisturiser will give that dewy, sun kissed look that Miley rocks on a daily basis.  Add to this a quick coat of mascara to accentuate the eyes and a neutral lip gloss for the casual Miley look.
  • Party time – Miley vamps up her look by really going to town on the eye area.  Lashings of black mascara with a smudge of black eyeliner over the top and bottom lids give a smoking hot look.  For that extra special occasion, adding a glittery eye shadow will complete the look.
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