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  •  2012 and the London Olympics saw a fresh surge of sports influenced clothing for men with even the top men’s designers adding a sporty twist to their collections. Formal clothing was given a casual feel with trainers suddenly becoming acceptable with formal suits and open necked shirts or even t-shirts adding to the new formal casual look. Deck shoes with that sailing influence became the shoe to wear over summer 2012.


  • Skinny jeans were big in 2012 with the bravest men wearing them in bright colours, teamed with neutral t-shirts and trainers or canvas shoes. Not a look that appealed to everyone and it was mainly a youthful look, which suited a certain body type.



  • Blazers were an essential part of male wardrobes in 2012 marking the transition from summer to autumn and giving jeans and t-shirts enough of a boost to make the transition to ‘smart casual.’ Teamed with brogues, another strong element of 2012, the resulting ‘preppy’ look was a strong favourite for autumn 2012. 


  • Winter 2012 saw heavy jumpers and cardigans take top place in the casual end of fashion, teamed with jeans and dark pea coats. Teamed with short boots or loafers, this casual style was hugely popular and the use of coloured scarves gave an individual and colourful twist on a muted outfit. 


  • Velvet became a large influence in men’s eveningwear especially over the festive season. Dark velvet jackets in a tuxedo style instantly dressed up a jeans and t-shirt combination, whilst for more formal occasions, black trousers and a shirt and tie were given 2012 flair when accompanied by velvet jacket with contrasting collar in a daring jewelled shade. Perhaps not for the faint-hearted but for men who liked to make a statement, velvet was certainly the material to fit the job.
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