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Drinking alcohol is depicted as being glamorous by TV programmes and films. Sipping cocktails in exotic surroundings is something many of us wish we could do. Yet the cold hard facts are that those tasty cocktails can damage the liver and kidneys, dehydrate the body, damage eyesight, and shrink the brain. Alcohol is also held responsible for diabetes and impotence, and can cause us to become obese.

Alcohol also destroys our looks. By damaging our insides, it takes its toll on the outside. Here are some effects alcohol can have on health resulting in a loss of beauty.

  1. Alcohol accelerates the ageing process. By forcing the kidneys to work harder, it leaves the organs parched. And this includes our skin. Our skin begins to wrinkle more and loses its healthy glow.
  2. Alcohol can worsen skin issues. It can cause rosacea, which causes reddening of the skin and pustules on the nose and cheeks. Alcohol causes tiny blood vessels to burst and when they are close to the skin this leaves a trail of red broken capillaries. Psoriasis is another skin condition worsened by alcohol.
  3. Alcohol causes bloating leaving the face puffy and swollen.  Because the body is being dehydrated, it stores water and food causing the tissues to swell.
  4. Alcohol irritates the tiny blood vessels in the eyes, which enlarge and cause a bloodshot appearance. Excessive drinking depletes the body of nutrients essential to the maintenance of eye health, which can eventually lead to impaired eyesight.
  5. Alcohol also dehydrates the hair making it brittle and prone to split ends. It can also leave the body zinc deficient, which may result in hair loss.

Chronic drinkers are damaging their health and looks. Those who drink occasionally can reduce the effects by drinking water in between cocktails, make sure that they are not drinking on an empty stomach and use a heavy moisturiser before going to bed.


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