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The Petite Advantage is a diet and exercise plan put together by fitness expert Jim Karas.  The plan differs to others on the market in the fact that it is specifically designed to help women who are petite (5’4” or under).

Why do petite women need a special plan?

Every person needs a certain amount of calories per day in order to simply function.  This amount depends on body mass index and daily activities.  For instance, a woman who sits at a desk all day will not need as many calories as a fitness instructor.  Petite women need a much lower calorie intake per day than taller women by almost a thousand calories.  This means that many diet plans will simply not help the smaller woman lose weight as they will still be consuming more calories per day than they will burn.

What does the Petite Advantage diet consist of?

This tailor-made plan for petite women includes a specific food diet coupled with a fitness regime.  The two are meant to be used together to provide fast but ultimately safe results.

  • 21 day meal plan – The plan works by allowing women to consume 1100 calories for three days and then on the fourth day, they will consume the 1600 calories which they would normally need to maintain the same weight.  Menus for each day as well as recipes and even recommendations for healthy options whilst eating out are provided.  Having the odd day where normal calorie intake is resumed lessens the chance of muscle loss.
  • Strengthening Exercise regime – Karas believes that extended periods of just cardiovascular workouts can be more damaging to the health than beneficial.  He has put together a fitness plan designed to tone and strengthen muscles.  These exercises can be performed in 30 minutes, making it easy for even the busiest of women to fit them into their schedules.
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