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How many of you store folders and folders of great and memorable photo in your laptop and do nothing about it? I know I was guilty of doing just that but not anymore! If you nodded your head to my earlier question, I’d recommend you to create a EuroBook with all those wonderful digital photos of yours. After all, they are certainly not memories that you want to forget.

EuroBook is a new service provided by dotPhoto which gives user the ability to create customized, hardbound digital photo books, which in turn can be ordered online and delivered within 6 to 10 business days. EuroBooks are available in more than 200 configurations that vary in sizes, features, and price. What makes Eurobook software stand out from its competitors is the fact that it has a feature that groups photos together by colors, textures and matches background – giving the photo book a professional design look.

The Eurobook software is FREE to download and available at or Another advantage of using this software is you can create the photo books offline without worrying about Internet connections.

ORDER NOW : EuroBooks resemble “coffee table”-style books with high-quality professional binding as well as 135 pound paper. Pricing begins at $9.95 for the 5×5 inch, 26-page book. The popular Classic 8×11 inch EuroBook starts at $19.95. The Deluxe 11.6×11.6 inch EuroBook, which is perfect for special occasions and presentations, starts at $68.95. Pricing is also based on the number of pages and choice of cover material: soft cover, hard cover, linen, premium linen, booklet and faux leather.

Get your Eurobook in 3 simple steps:
• Download the free EuroBook software
• Create your book from your digital photos
• Place your order online

WIN IT : Thanks to dotPhoto, I am giving away two gift codes of up to $100 each for creating Eurobooks to two very lucky readers (one EuroBook each up to $100).

Here are the rules to participate:

• Visit and let me know in the comment section below which EuroBook will you spend your $100 gift code on.
• 3 additional entries if you Stumble This Post with a review
• Contest is open to US shipping addresses only
• Winners will be selected using the Random.Org number generator. Contest closes on 17th September 2008.

Vien Said:

If I have $100 to spend at dotphoto, I would print out pictures for my scrapbook. I have been meaning to do a scrapbook and never go the time to do it. With this prize it will probably jump start the project. :)

I’ve also stumbled onto this post.

Nicole J. Said:

I would be happy to collect the last year’s worth of memories for my son’s grandparents in a great little book. That would make an awesome gift.

melanie Said:

I would spend it to print pictures and to make mini albums for my family for Christmas.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

I would make 2 of the square books, one for each of my kids. Or, I might make 2 identical books of my kids for the grandparents for Christmas. Or…wow, this is really neat!

I stumbled this post and wrote a review.

What a great idea, I love photoalbums! If I won, I think I would put the credit towards 4 of the Large, 8 X 11″ Eurobooks. Thank you for offering this! :)

I would get a large Eurobook and fill it with pictures of my second child. He just turned one on August, so this would be a good way to preserve his first year. I haven’t printed out ANY pictures of him yet!

It is hard to see the specs. without downloading the software, but I think I like the black linen cover.

Laura Said:

Fun!! I would choose the square euro book and build a family cookbook with favorite recipes, photos and quotes from various family members. Then buy as many as I could with my $100 and give them out at Christmas. Would love, love, love it! Thanks for the chance.

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Jendi Said:

I would definitely go with the large hardback with one of my pictures on the front. Well not me personally, just one that I took…or my husband took…you get the point.

First time I saw these and I like them!

Jendi Said:

I tried to Stumble this post. Hope it worked.

Bebemiqui Said:

I’d get a couple of Square books for the grandparents at Christmas.

Go Amie Said:

I think 8.5 by 11 is the way to go. I would make a travel chronicle!

Alyce Said:

I would love to make baby books for my boys using the large Euro books. I like the blue linen cover.

Alyce Said:

I stumbled this post with a review.

Audra Said:

I would get the large Eurobook and fill it with either pics of my firstborn or pics from our years spent in Italy. The black linen would be my choice of cover.

valmg Said:

I’d get the large eurobook with a black linen cover.

I like the square Eurobook with the black cover. :-) I would love to make a book of my daughter!

Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Lindsey ♥

amandasue Said:

I’d get a couple of the “Square Euro Book 8×8″

Terra Heck Said:

I’d get the large EuroBook with the blue linen cover.

Valerie Mitchell Said:

what a great way to save memories!

Sweetpeas Said:

I’d choose the large eurobook with a soft cover.


Monica Said:

I would spend it printing off my hundreds of wedding pictures!! hahahaha, that and family Christmas cards. Those get so expensive!!!

Hayley G. Said:

I would go with the large Eurobook- it would be perfect to condense all those pictures of our trip to Tanzania into one book!

Suz Said:

I’d choose the 5×5 – perfect to help my daughter organize her pix of her senior year this year.

blima Said:

I would love the extra large Eurobook. We are married a while and could never afford a wedding album

Elizabeth M. Said:

I’d either go with a couple of the square books or one extra large book. I can’t decide. I’d like to compile some photos of the kids through the years!

dianna k. ball Said:

I like the square book the best, and I would definitely use it to print out all of the pictures of my daughter that are sitting on our hard drive! I was good about printing them out until about a year ago….

wayfarer Said:

I’d get square or small ones for the grandparents.

sarah b Said:

I think I need a couple of the square ones. We have had so much happen within two years… marriage and baby… so we need a good way to save those memories.

Kimberly Said:

THANK YOU for an AWESOME giveaway!!!

If I won I’d buy one large book for my family and two of the square (medium?) size books for my kids grandparents and their great-grandfather.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this great giveaway!

Molly B. Said:

I would buy the extra large Eurobook for my parents and include pictures of all of their grandchildren.

Abby Said:

I would get as many of those 8 1/2 x 11 books as I could. I love digital scrapbooking!

Kristie Said:

I’d probably make and 8×8 Eurobook with a red linen cover of my upcoming trip to Germany.

Gregg Said:

This would make a great gift for my mother. I would order the large book with the red linen cover!

Jessica Said:

I would order square books with blue linen covers for my boyfriend and I – this would be a great way to document our vacations together!

Gina Stratos Said:

I’d pick the large Euro book and fill it with photos of my husband and children. He recently passed at h=just 37 and it would be a great gift for my children when they get older.

Donna C. Said:

I would get the square photo book. This would make an awesome holiday gift for the grandparents.

Michelle Said:

What a cool idea!! I would love to have the square books for Christmas gifts, also, we are foster parents, it would be SO cool to have one of all of our children we have had over the years!!

Naomi Said:

I would get the extra large Eurobook to make a coffee table book with my husband’s artwork!

Jackie H Said:

What a great find! I think I would put the giveaway towards 3 square photobooks – they look great! :)

Alice Hansen Said:

I’d make a square book with pictures of the baby I’m about to have in two weeks – it’d be a great momento. Thanks for the chance!

Heather R Said:

I would spend the money on one of the large books and fill it with pictures from my daughter’s first year. If I have money left over, I would get one of the square books as well.

Sky Said:

I’d love to have an Extra Large EuroBook for our home. Such a good idea, and way better than any coffee table book!

megan Said:

I’d get two square books for each set of grandparents for christmas.

I would do at least 2 extra large Euro books because i have about 3500 pictures of my son who was born a year ago and i need to have them printed out. This is a great idea instead of printing pics and putting them in albums myself! Thank you!!!

Nancy Said:

I would do a 5×5 book, of either our wedding pictures or our recent trip to Italy. What a fun idea. Thanks for the giveaway.

tom homrich Said:

Patti Said:

I’m a sucker for square format! I’d have to have a square book! Thanks!!

sandra Said:

i’d get the large eurobook with a personalized photo/text hardcover

rebecca Said:

I love the small euro books and as they only start at 9.95, would probably get enough to send to all my close family. Great giveaway.

David Said:

the Extra Large book is my fave, great for a big at home brag book!

Roberta Said:

I would love the Large books as I could get a few for $100 as they are well priced.

israel y Said:

i would get the large eurobook and use it as a present for my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary with pics and memories of the last 30 years

shannon w. Said:

I think the 8×8 euro book would be my choice, although the large would be great for my mother-n-law’s recipes and pics of the family with their favorite dishes.

blima Said:

OOOh maybe the square that would look neat.

Jenny Said:

I like the square book in the red linen. So pretty! They look like a professionally made book you’d buy at a store!


I would definitely choose the 8×11 large eurobook should I win.

My husband went to South Africa in September of last year and I thought that this would be the perfect Christmas gift to surprise him with…

Please count me in!!!

CE Said:

I like the square Eurobook with the blue cover.

Jacqueline in Atlanta Said:

I like the square format. I have tons of photos from my two kids, so I would probably use the GC to put together several different books featuring various time periods or events from the last few years. Yes, I have the infamous folders and sometimes I open them and enjoy them, but mostly they just sit there and I pray the computer doesn’t crash (although I have backed them up on a separate hard drive).

Thanks for having the giveaway!

Sharla Said:

I’d love to get the Extra large book and fill it with pictures of my twins! And a personalized cover would be grand!

Ellie Said:

These are gorgous! I think I’d make a square one… or maybe a couple small ones for the grandparents. So many options!

rockle Said:

i would get the square (8×8) eurobook — these would make excellent christmas presents!

Linda Said:

I would do 1 Square book for each of my 4 children and 1 book for my granddaughter (with extra pages :D LOL)
Wonderful idea!

Elizabeth Said:

the euro square book or the large. Thanks for the great contest.

I would do my first son’s first year of life. He’s almost one and I have a ton of pictures and could really use some help organizing them! Thanks!

crystal Said:

These are great!! I love the little eurobooks so they are easy transporting. I am one of those pictures in my purse type people:)

Love the large eurobook

Cherise Said:

I would choose the wedding book and give it to my husband as an anniversary present.

mannequin Said:

I would choose the Large Euro Book should I win. I was sad :( to learn that it’s not Mac compatible but happy when I remembered that we have a PC for things just like this!
Wonderful giveaway!

Thanks for the chance and thank you Euro Books!

jessica Said:

probably the extra large size…i love pictures

lindsey Said:

I love the idea of creating a family cookbook with pictures of my kids helping cook. I like the square Euro Book.

I also stumbled and reviewed your site.

Jenna Said:

This is great! I would make two square (8×8) photo books for sure – one for each of my boys. And then probably one of the bigger ones full of pictures of my family.

Christine M. Said:

A friend of mine and I are going to be doing a half marathon at DisneyWorld this January, and taking our families along for a vacation. I would use the prize on one of the square books, to put together a book of memories to give to her.

Noreen Said:

Extra Large 11.8″ x 11.8″ EuroBook photo book

Colleen Said:

I’d love to have the square eurobook with a blue linen cover to create a family photo album.

I would definitely choose the extra large euro book! What a cool concept.

Ann Said:

I would get 2 eurobooks and fill them with pictures of the family. One to send to my parents in Belgium and 1 to send to my parents-in-law in England. What a great idea. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

Margie Said:

I would select the large eurobook and make a photobook for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary — they would love it!
Thanks for the opportunity,

carrie Said:

Oh the pictures I have. My computer is bogged down with 40000 photos that are just waiting to be printed! Yes that is forty thousand photos! Every summer we go on a family vacation with my parents, I would love the get them the large eurobook with all of the years of photos all in the same place! They would love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

I would use my gift certificate to print an extra large EuroBook with a faux brown leather cover with all my family’s vintage pics which I recently scanned into my system.

cathleen n. Said:

What a fantastic prize! I could get five large Eurobooks and still have money left over! My digital pictures are overflowing, especially the ones I actually printed out. They are in stuffed in boxes neglected and in disarray. Or the ones I haven’t printed are stuck in my memory cards. Even if I don’t win it’s likely I’ll download the free software and finally get organized!

Brandy Said:

If I could, I would spend it on printing photos for my scrapbooks and extra sets for family. Or, I would get some of the square eurobooks as gifts for the grandparents for Christmas. Or, I guess with $100 I could do both! Awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway!

lace Said:

I’d get the square 8×8. These are great.

Heather Weber Said:

I would get several of the square Euro Books! We have 4 living great-grandmas that are always asking for more pictures of my daughters, ages 3 and a half and 7 months old. This would be such a special way to share our children with them from so many miles away!

Amy Parsons Said:

The large eurobook would make a dent on my saved pictures.

Stephanie Grant Said:

If I won a gift code I would use it to make 3 square photobooks for my son he is now 7 months old and we have lots of digital photos that need to be printed out! Thanks

Marcy Said:

Stumbled with review :)

I would love to make multiple small books to give to all the children at Christmas!

Brooke Said:

I’d likely get the Square book with the blue cover. My parents and in laws would LOVE to have a book of photos of their grandkids growing.

Xenia Said:

Wow, these are something that I could definitely use because my digital pictures sure are just sitting there on the computer. I’d put the code towards two square 8″ x 8″ EuroBooks, one for each of my daughters. Thanks!

Heather C Said:

I’d probably get a few smaller Eurobooks for family this Christmas.

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